Employ GA

A Virtual One-Stop Resource for Most of Your "Georgia" Needs.

                                            Welcome to Employ GA                                                                         

Employ GA, based in Atlanta, was created in 2013 to equip members with valuable resources that will assist them as residents in the state of Georgia. The primary goal of Employ GA is 

to provide 

a virtual one-stop resource to 

those members who are homeless, unemployed, under-employed, looking for a career change or interested in relocating to the Peach State.

Employ GA was established by a group of friends whose mission is to uplift and make a change in Georgia.  Although we understand the change that's needed within our state will require more than just a group of friends, we are hoping everyone will take our information, use it and share this site with others.  We are genuinely concerned about helping our communities and assisting you with getting to the next level.  If you need to contact us, send an email to support@employga.us.

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